Are you tired of being over charged for SEO, hosting, PPC campaigns and social handle expertise? We were too!

We captured an attorney and made his one man team into a million dollar money machine. Using a few trusting companies as our spawn for success, we quickly realized how awesome we are.

We decided to roll this out so the rest of the world could dump their lame companies and get some real qualified leads and actual products for a change.

If Chuck Norris and MacGyver could have a baby, they would birth the Honey Badger. Welcome to the next level of marketing. There are no “proprietary” procedures, “algorhithms,” AI, or magical sausage.

We are the tri-fecta of industry professionals and will show you every step of our lead gen badassery. We will retain your loyalty by crushing your goals. We devour our competition! We eat scorpions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Welcome to team Honey Badger! 

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

― John Wayne

National Brand?



The better you do, the better we do. if you’re getting the next level of performance, obviously the natural and most logical step is to increase your budget. We make money; you make way more!



Branding isn’t exceptional design, it’s an experience. User experience is key to a lasting impression, loyalty and lead conversion. Being real, authentic and speaking to potential customers will be a big part of our discussions. Authenticity is magnetic!


Customer Service

We will walk you through every step of the process. All the executives are available to you. We don’t have a team of 400 people and never will. We will keep the company lean and always find ways to deliver with the least amount of overhead. Companies bragging about having 200-400 employees never impressed us. As a customer, the only thought that evoked was, who’s salary are we paying and how much of what I am paying is actually going to ad spends and social growth?



We are not your average marketing or advertisement agency; we take your brand to heart and if we haven’t nailed your concept we haven’t done our job. We are passionate about providing a service in this industry that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Our distinction is transparency, having skin in the game and being overall human Honey Badgers.


A showcase of our works


The Honey Badger Way

Our Services

We have adopted the mantra that branding isn’t just exceptional design. It is an experience. It represents who you are and what you stand for as a company/professional. We take the best of both worlds – exceptional design and user experience, and we make that convert into sales and long term client acquisition.

Website Development

We make your site for you, or fix the scrubby nature of your existing site. Either way, we ensure you have a SEO optimized presence on the internet, which is a very good thing. We strategize on the fields of practice and create campaigns and landing pages to generate immediate revenue but we never leave out the target arenas that can bring large cash flow over time.

PPC Campaigns

We are PPC geniuses. We will snatch all the good leads in your city with targeted PPC campaigns. The more we communicate and discuss in detail the better these campaigns are, so get ready to tell us everything about your business.

Lead Generation

We bring you leads. This makes you money. This makes us money, because you spend money for more leads as you continue to succeed. See? There is so much to discuss here that we will leave it at that.

Social Media & Reputation Management

You’re probably doing social media when and if you can and it’s ok! We were born in this social world of nonsense. We get it. Your online reputation will go through puberty and you will be a big boy after we’re done with you. Another thing to discuss. Social proof, content creation and social media campaigns.

Brand management

Brand management from the best in the business. The end.


We provide hosting for your site, provisioning additional resources automatically to ensure fast page load time and industry leading reliability.


Highly qualified specialists

Laurie Argall


After creating Social Pulse Media and making social influencers and celebrities into their own content publishers and monetizing social media, I realized I really wanted to create another business serving the second most high maintenance types of people, lawyers and surgeons!

My background is in content creation, building an audience, engaging an audience and executing on deliverables. I listen to my clients, discuss branding and growth objectives and educate them on the process.

The education factor is the most important to me. Once you understand the route to your end goals with your site, socials and campaigns, we will work efficiently together to achieve them. I look forward to creating with you soon!


Joey Burke


Through creating custom software solutions for businesses over the years, I quickly caught on to how valuable it is to have better features than the competition. In addition to beefed up tech, we constantly test campaigns and provide feedback for collaboration, improvement and optimization.

As a Honey Badger, I take great joy in providing our clients with the ridiculously overpowered tools needed to dunk on their competitors at a level of ease which is completely unfair.

I believe in moving fast and getting there first. I am calm in the face of adversity, and I navigate through deep water with confidence. I take great pride in my work, and I enthusiastically go the extra mile for my team and our clients – our success is interlinked and shared.


The honey badger is always ready.


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Tampa, FL 33606





If you are READY to get ferocious and make some noise, we would like to hear from you.

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